Sacramento Central Groundwater Authority
827 7th St, Rm 301, Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 874-6851
About SCGA

​​​​​​​​​​​The Board

​​The Board of Directors of the Sacramento Central Groundwater Authority (SCGA) consists of fourteen members. Representation includes a Board member from seven public agencies, two private water purveyors, one representative of agricultural interests, one representative of agriculture-residential groundwater users, one representative of commercial/industrial self-supplied groundwater users, one representative of conservation landowners, and one representative of public agencies that are self-supplied groundwater users. Members of the Board are appointed to four year terms. Board officers are elected to serve a one year term. ​

Members of the Board are appointed by cities of Sacramento, Folsom, Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova, and the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. The following table lists the current Board representatives along with the corresponding appointing authorities. The SCGA Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month.​
2023 Chair: Dalia Fadl
2023 Vice Chair: Bruce Kamilos

Appointing Authority​

​City of Elk Grove

​Jeffrey Werner
Shoaib Ahrary (alt)​
​City of Elk Grove
​City of Folsom
Todd Eising
​Marcus Yasutake​ (alt)
YK Chalamcheria (alt)
City of Folsom
​City of Rancho Cordova

​Albert Stricker 
Dalia Fadl (alt) 
​City of Rancho Cordova
​City of Sacramento
Parvani Vandeyar
Brett Ewart (alt) 
City of Sacramento
​County of Sacramento/ Sacramento County Water Agency
Michael Peterson
Designated (alt)
County of Sacramento
​Florin Resource Conservation District/ Elk Grove Water District
​Bruce Kamilos
Tom Nelson (alt)
​City of Elk Grove
​Agricultural Interests
Ken Oneto
Amber McDowell (alt)
County of Sacramento
David Trask
Tim Mullins (alt)​
County of Sacramento
​Commercial/Industrial Self-Supplied
Scott Goulart​
Nate Ellis (alt)
​County of Sacramento
​Conservation Landowners

Barbara Evoy
Neil Dubrovshy (alt)
​County of Sacramento
Public Agencies Self-Supplied

​Christine Thompson 
Ward Winchell (alt)
County of Sacramento
​​California-American Water Company

​​Evan Jacobs 
S. Audie Foster (alt)
​County of Sacramento
​Sacram​ento Area Sewer District
​Dave Ocenosak
Jose Ramirez (alt)
County of Sacramento
​Golden State Water Company  

​Paul Schubert
Sean Twila (alt)
​City of Rancho Cordova​